Full-service rental for business customers

Full-service rental is suitable for any company whose daily operations require the use of a vehicle. With Mobire’s full-service rental, your vehicle or fleet is managed by our professional team, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

We will help you with everything from choosing your vehicle to calculating the costs associated with your future fleet. Mobire will take care of all administrative matters and maintenance throughout the contract period.

You are free to choose the duration of the full-service rental from a period of 12 to 60 months. Businesses can put together their own service package according to their individual requirements. See all of our services here. You can also choose vehicles from our existing offers as necessary.

See all of our services here 

You can also choose vehicles from our existing offers as necessary

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Benefits of Mobire’s full-service rental

Full-service rental is a convenient soultion for vehicle usage. Mobire makes sure that your car is always in working order and properly  serviced. We will also help in case of any unexpected car related situations.

  • Initial rental payment starting from 0€
    Mobire offers cars without down payment.
  • No unexpected costs
    With Mobire Premium service plan all car related costs are included in a single monthly charge and are fixed for the entire contract period.
  • Mobire takes care of the car
    Mobire will take care of car maintenance, tyre changes, technical inspections, accidents, etc.
  • Replacement car for any occasion
    In the event of a technical breakdown or accident, you will receive a replacement car at no additional cost.
  • Flexible return policy
    You can return the vehicle before the end of the rental period.

Comparison of Mobire’s full-service rental and leasing

Mobire Leasing
Pre-selection of cars based on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) model
First instalment and contract fee
From €0
Generally from 10% and €200
Fixed rate for the entire leasing period (simple budgeting, inflation guarantee)
Maintenance costs included in the monthly charge
Generally not included
Fixed insurance premium for the entire period
1 year
Possibility to choose the appropriate tires included in the monthly charge for the entire period
Flexibility through early vehicle return option
Choice of various convenience services to be included in the monthly charge (vehicle drop-off and pick-up, GPS solutions, fleet auditing)
A single point of contact for all vehicle-related matters (no need for a separate employee in the company)
Possibility to receive discounts and a customer agreement without a payment deadline from the car dealership

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