What is Mobire’s full-service rental?

Full-service rental is a convenient long-term solution for gaining access to a brand new or low-mileage vehicle, and is suitable for both private individuals and businesses. Compared to leasing, full-service rental saves you a considerable amount of time. The service is subject to a fixed monthly charge that includes the full set of services related to the vehicle.

The rental period may range from 12 to 60 months, during which time we will make sure that your car is always in working order and properly serviced. At the end of the rental period, you have the option to purchase the car, if desired.

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Benefits of Mobire’s full-service rental

We make sure that your car is always in working order and properly serviced. All services related to the vehicle are included in a single monthly charge and are fixed for the entire contract period.

Full-service rental is suitable for both private and business customers.

  • Initial rental payment starting from €0
    If possible, you will receive the car without a down payment.
  • All costs included in one fixed monthly charge
    All services related to the car are included in a single monthly charge and are fixed for the entire contract period.
  • Mobire looks after every aspect of its vehicles?
    Mobire will take care of maintenance, tyre changes, technical inspections, accidents, etc.
  • A replacement car for any situation
    In the event of a technical breakdown or accident, you will receive a replacement car at no additional cost.
  • Flexible return policy
    If desired, you can return the vehicle before the end of the rental period

How does Mobire’s full-service rental work?

What does the charge for Mobire’s full-service rental consist of?

The monthly charge for Mobire’s full-service rental consists of several components, of which the largest is generally the use of the vehicle. In addition to the latter, it includes various services related to the car.


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Here is an overview of all of the direct and indirect vehicle-related costs incurred by every driver.

The calculation is based on: Toyota RAV4 2.0 Dynamic Force Luxury Multidrive S

Rental/leasing period: 60 months, mileage limit: 100,000 km, vehicle price: €25,000.

Monthly cost calculation for Toyota RAV4

Full-service rental Leasing Comments
Initial rental payment / down payment The down payment for leasing is 10% of the price of the vehicle.
Motor TPL insurance 250,00 € The contract fee for leasing is 1% of the price of the vehicle.
Casco 287,00 € Operating lease when leasing: interest 3,5%, period 60 months, residual value 30%
20,00 € In the case of full-service rental, the price is fixed and you do not have to worry about rising insurance premiums. (For 30-year-old male living in Tallinn:
Handling of insurance cases 52,00 € deductible €200, in the event of theft: 15% of the vehicle price.)
Administration of invoices 56,00 € Other costs include maintenance until a mileage of 100,000 km (on the basis of the price list of the official dealer), a replacement car service (only for the duration of the event covered with comprehensive motor insurance / casco insuance in the case of leasing; for any situation in the case of full-service rental).
Change and storage of tyres for the entire period 17,00 € Mobire arranges seasonal tire changes twice a year and year-round storage of tires throughout the rental period. In the case of leasing, tire change (60 € / time) and storage at a Vianor representative office (42 € / season) in the total amount of 1020 €, which is spread over 60 months, are indicated.
Fuel card With Mobire’s full-service rental, you have access to 24/7 assistance for all questions and problems related to the vehicle.
In the event of an accident, you do not need to do anything; Mobire’s team will handle all insurance-related matters for you.
You can make purchases with our partners at Mobire’s discount rates, and the consolidated invoice for any purchases made will be delivered to you with next month’s invoice.
Mobire will grant you use of a fuel credit card, that applies Mobire’s discounted rates, and the Client can pay for refueling based on the aggregate invoice together with monthly rent payments.
Total monthly payment
*Please note that full-service rental comes with no initial payment!
420,00 €* 432,00 € The monthly charge for Mobire’s full-service rental is fixed for the entire rental period (60 months); in the case of leasing, all of the listed additional costs may change over time. With the lease, you have to pay € 2,750 to the bank as a one-time payment and € 595 for winter tires, which makes a total of € 3,345. The prices include VAT.

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