Service descriptions

  • Use of the vehicle – Mobire Eesti AS rents the vehicle to the customer in accordance with the terms of the agreement.
    Third-party liability and comprehensive motor insurance – Mobire Eesti AS ensures compulsory third-party liability insurance as well as comprehensive motor insurance coverage for the vehicle for the entire rental period. The deductible for comprehensive motor insurance is €200; the deductible for theft insurance is 15% of the market price before the insured event; the deductible for glazing is €0; and the deductible for a collision with wildlife is €0.
  • Handling of insured events – Mobile Eesti AS is obliged to represent the customer in all procedures related to insured events, including meetings with claims handling companies, as well as to organise any repairs and supervision following an insured event.
  • Invoice administration – the customer can take advantage of discounts and payment deadlines offered to Mobire Eesti AS at Mobire’s partner companies. The consolidated invoice for any purchases made shall be submitted to the customer with the invoice for the following month.
  • 24/7 service centre – Mobire Eesti AS provides 24/7 operational assistance to the customer in the event of any questions, emergencies (technical breakdown, accident, start-up problems, etc.), or accidents. The service can be reached by calling the 24/7 service centre at 13500.
  • Routine maintenance (subject to mileage limit) – the monthly charge for full-service rental from Mobire Eesti AS includes the cost of routine maintenance in accordance with the maintenance schedule established by the manufacturer. Routine maintenance is provided until the mileage set out in the agreement is reached (mileage limit). The service does not cover work not included in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.
    First set of winter tyres – Mobire Eesti AS provides the customer with the first set of high-quality winter tyres (4 pcs).
  • Alexela payment card – Mobire Eesti AS provides the customer with an Alexela payment card with a monthly limit, which is determined on the basis of the mileage laid down in the agreement. The invoice for the use of Alexela’s services will be added to the monthly invoice of the customer of Mobire Eesti AS. The card also gives the holder a discount of -5 c/l.
  • Free replacement car – Mobire Eesti AS is obliged to provide a replacement vehicle for the customer in accordance with the terms of the agreement no later than on the following business day.
  • Tyre change and storage – Mobire Eesti AS is obliged to change the vehicle’s tyres twice a year and provide year-round storage for the tyres. Tyre changes will be performed at a pre-agreed time and place.
    Additional set of high-quality summer and winter tyres for the entire period (based on mileage limit) – Mobire Eesti AS provides seasonally suitable tyres for the entire rental period based on normal wear and tear and the mileage agreed in the rental agreement.
  • Roadworthiness testing – Mobire Eesti AS will organise routine roadworthiness testing for the vehicle. The costs of routine roadworthiness tests are included in the monthly charge for full-service rental.
    Consumables – addition and/or replacement due to normal wear and tear of materials – light bulbs, windscreen wiper blades (one set per year), fluids and oils, brake pads and discs, tie rod ends and tie rods, bushings, cabin filter, small accessories – when the vehicle is in the possession of Mobire Eesti AS or an approved maintenance partner or workshop. The cost of consumables is included in the monthly charge for full-service rental.