The Net Promoter Score of the clients of Mobire is the highest in the sector

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The Net Promoter Score of the clients of Mobire recently reached new heights – as many as 89% of Mobire’s clients would recommend the service to their friends or acquaintances. What is the Net Promoter Score and how is it calculated?

A company’s success undoubtedly lies in knowing its clients and providing a product or service that meets their needs. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a reliable, globally used method to measure customer satisfaction. To determine the NPS, clients are asked to respond to two simple questions: to assess their willingness to recommend the company on a ten-point scale and then justify their response.

The logic of calculating the NPS is simple: clients who reply with a 9–10 are considered to certainly recommend the company and those who reply with a 0–6 are considered to not recommend it. Those who reply with a 7–8 are considered ‘neutral’. When calculating the NPS, the difference between respondents recommending the company and those not recommending it is measured in percentages (neutral responses are not taken into consideration), so the NPS can vary from –100% to 100%. If the NPS is 0%, it essentially means there is an equal amount of positive and negative responses. Anything above 0% is considered a good result, while anything above 50% is considered an excellent result.

Recently, the NPS of Mobire reached a record high – as many as 89% of clients would recommend the service to others (the average NPS of car sellers is 43%). This is the highest result in the sector and any company would be proud of it. To compare, here are the average results of other sectors in 2021 based on the Retently survey:

  • Consultation companies: 62
  • Investment companies: 52
  • Airlines: 51
  • E-commerce companies: 45
  • Banks: 34
  • Logistics and transport: 3

According to Laura Klemmer, Head of Commercial at Mobire Eesti, the NPS is usually higher in digitised areas or sectors where people can get things done digitally. In the case of Mobire, the process of online full-service car rental is also significantly faster and more convenient than doing so at a dealership.

In addition, providing excellent service is one of the main focus areas of Mobire, which sets it apart from other car rental companies. Mobire’s advantages include a 24-hour service centre, which ensures around-the-clock assistance to clients for all vehicle-related concerns. In addition, Mobire provides replacement cars for any unexpected circumstances, which can be issued to the client on the next working day at the latest. “As the saying goes: a friend in need is a friend indeed. The same applies to service providers: if we can provide comprehensive assistance to our clients in complicated situations, we can be sure that our clients recommend us to others,” said Klemmer, adding that the clients who value Mobire appreciate convenience, because they do not need to worry about maintenance, tyre changes, roadworthiness tests, or accidents.

The NPS of Mobire is calculated by the Estonian company Recommy. Read comments from clients here.