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What is full-service rental?
Full-service rental is a form of operating lease where all costs related to the vehicle are fixed for the entire period and combined in a single rental charge.
A full-service rental package comprises a total of 11 services. The monthly charge includes the following services: use of the vehicle; 24/7 assistance; third-party liability and comprehensive motor insurance; handling of insurance claims; routine technical maintenance (subject to mileage limit); arrangement of maintenance, repairs, and tyre changes; winter tyres; Alexela fuel discount card; invoice administration; and a free replacement card for any situation.
The initial rental payment is a sum that must be paid before the vehicle is handed over to the customer. Opting for a rental agreement with an initial rental payment results in a lower monthly charge.
Upon expiry of the rental period, the customer may purchase the vehicle for the agreed price.
Yes, our customers may swap out the rented car during the rental period by notifying us in writing.
No, insurance (both third-party liability and comprehensive motor insurance) is always included in our rental agreement and the renter does not need to buy any insurance separately.
If anyone is injured or killed in the accident, you must immediately call the police and ambulance by dialling the number 112. Once you have done that, please call Mobire’s 24/7 service centre at 13500.
Renters who are a legal entity must submit the most recent financial report: balance sheet and income statement. Renters who are a private person must submit a bank statement (for the previous 6 months).
Yes, our customers may terminate the rental agreement early by notifying us in writing and paying a termination fee (generally one to four times the monthly rental charge).
The selection of rental cars includes both new and little-used vehicles.
Yes, customers may choose the colour of the vehicle and add optional equipment as desired.