Price list for the services of Mobire Eesti AS

Amendment of the agreement

  • Amendment of the agreement (change of payment deadline, period, or mileage limit, change of renter, addition of optional equipment, change of insurance terms, etc.)

One-off services

  • Seasonal tyre change and tyre storage by Mobire partner
  • Seasonal tyre storage by Mobire partner
  • Change of tyres by Mobire partner (4pcs)
  • Vehicle drop-off and pick-up service in Tallinn/Tartu/Pärnu (within city limits)
  • Procedures in the register of the Estonian Road Administration by the lessor’s representative - change of users in the technical passport (price with state fee)
  • Replacement car
    According to the price list of short-term rental


  • Issuance of simple written authorisations
    Free of charge
  • Notarised authorisation document (additional notary fees and state fee)
  • Replacement of fuel card
    Free of charge
  • Administration fee for handling fines for parking and other violations (if the claim is submitted by a bailiff and Mobire Eesti AS is to pay)
  • Taking possession of the vehicle by the lessor in case of breach of contract

Additional information

  • Prices include VAT!
  • Prices of services/goods not indicated in the price list shall be determined by agreement.
  • The price list is valid from 31 May 2021.

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