Quite often, our clients have faced the issue of selling their existing vehicle. Don’t waste your time on selling your vehicle! If you enter into a full-service rental contract with us, we offer the possibility to sell your vehicle to us quickly and conveniently.

It does not matter whether the owner of the vehicle is a leasing company, any other company or a private person – bring your vehicle to us, we will evaluate it and make you an offer.

If you wish to sell your old vehicle to us, do the following:

  1. Choose the suitable vehicle and terms and conditions of rent

  2. Fill in the inquiry form and the field “I wish to sell my vehicle to Mobire”

  3. We will contact you at the earliest opportunity and agree the time of inspecting your vehicle with you

  4. Before bringing your car in for inspection, please make sure that:
  1. We will send you an initial purchase offer

  2. If the price is suitable, we will enter into a contract of purchase and sale and agree on the further steps to be taken