Uprent: ‘I no longer spend my working time on organising vehicle-related activities.’

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‘Before we decided in favour of full-service rental, Uprent operated a leased Volvo XC 60. As this car was no longer under warranty and had a mileage of more than 100,000 km, it was very difficult to predict maintenance and repair costs, not to mention the fact that unexpected repairs grew more frequent every year. We had to spend our own working time on arranging for maintenance and tyre changes, purchasing new tyres, etc. When drawing up a budget, you essentially had to be psychic to predict how much more money would be needed to be spent on the car due to unexpected costs. As our work involves a lot of travel, the car’s annual mileage was about 45,000 km, which meant that, by the end of the lease, it would no longer have been possible to sell the Volvo at a reasonable price, only to scrap it. It is for these reasons that we finally opted for full-service rental, as it gets us a new car with a warranty, while insurance, maintenance, tyre changes, and tyre storage are all taken care of by Mobire (formerly Rentest), which means that I no longer spend my working time on organising vehicle-related activities. In addition, the price of the full-service rental service includes 24/7 technical support. In three years, we will return the car to Mobire and do not have to worry about selling it. After the rental agreement expires, we can simply get a new vehicle under full-service rental. One major advantage is that all of our car-related costs are fixed for the next three years: every month we just get an invoice that includes all of the aforementioned services. We are very satisfied with the full-service rental service, because Mobire handles everything about the car for us.’

Rommi Rodrik, CEO of Uprent OÜ